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Nitride probe with shielded co-axial sensor specialized for sMIM applications.

f = 75 kHz   |   k = 8 N/m   |   tip coating: TiW/Au

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PrimeNano shielded cantilever probes are designed for scanning Microwave Impedance Microscopy (sMIM) to directly measure local permittivity and conductivity at the nano-scale.
Metal tip:
The probe tip is made of a solid metal pyramid (Ti/W/Au) and connected to the chip electrode via a metal trace.
Co-axial cantilever structure:
The signal metal trace is sandwiched between dielectric layers and then shielded on both sides with a metal coating, forming co-axial structure. The capacitance and resistance are optimized for low loss and high signal waveguide for microwave frequencies.
Tip apex:
Batch fabricated using MEMS fabrication techniques to produce a (metal) tip with tip apex less than 50nm, enabling high spatial resolution.
Various spring constants:
2 type of cantilevers with spring constant of 1 N/m and 8 N/m (nominally). The cantilevers compatible with contact mode, non-contact (resonant)and non-resonant modes

Cantilever Specifications
Spring k (N/m 8 (7-9)
Freq (kHz) 75 (70-80)
Length (µm) 150 (145 -155)
Width (µm) 50 (47-53)
Thickness (µm) 3.6 (3.3 - 3.9)
Shape Rectangular
Material Silicon nitride
Reflex Coating (nm) TiW/Au (500)

Tip Specifications
Tip radius (nm) 50+/-10
Tip height (µm) 5 +/- 0.5
Front angle (°) 35 +/- 1
Back angle (°) 35 +/- 1
Side angle (°) 35 +/- 1
Tip shape Pyramid
Tip material Silicon nitride
Tip coating (nm) TiW/Au

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Additional Information

Tip Radius 50
Tip Radius > 20 nm
Spring Constant 8
Frequency 75
Compatibility blueDrive
Manufacturer Primenano

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