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Requesting Free Samples

1) Browse our store and use our convenient filters to find exactly what you need

2) Add the sample (limit 1 per SKU) and any other item you wish to purchase to your Cart

3) When all products have been added, use the Checkout Button

4) If you have an account, please login. Otherwise you may choose to create one or checkout as a guest.

5) Complete the checkout form and on the Shipping Method tab, select your shipping speed or enter your own FedEx or UPS account number to be used for shipping

6) On the Payment Information tab, choose between paying with credit cards, PO, or if you would like to receive a quote only. If you are requesting samples only, you will be charged for the shipping.

      • Please make sure to enter your Tax Exempt ID if you have one

7) Complete checkout and an email will be sent confirming your order or quote.

8) One of our scientists will review your request, and you may receive an additional email or phone call to make sure that you are using the best probe for your application

9) You will receive your probes and additional support to make sure you succeed in your experiment.