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OLTESPA with "Blade Tetra tip" (tip aspect ratio = 7:1); Silicon probe with visible apex tip for imaging high aspect ratio structures.

f = 75 kHz   |   k = 2 N/m   |   tip coating: none
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OLYMPUS OMCL-AC series cantilevers are designed for AC mode AFM.
Every OMCL-AC Series has a tetrahedral tip on the exact end of the cantilever. The tetrahedral tip of this series [OMCL-AC240BSA- is a thinner designed than Olympus standard Tetra tip as Olympus high aspect ratio tip.
The shape is like a blade; so, call it " Blade Tetra tip"

Outstanding features of Blade Tetra tip cantilever

1) High lateral resolution:
A blade-like tetrahedral tip of single crystal silicon (Blade tetra tip) is employed for high-resolution measurements.
The Blade tetra tip is more thinly designed than Olympus standard Tetrahedral tips on Olympus OMCL-AC***TS- series cantilever. The tetrahedral shape is ideal for achieving a point terminated tip. In addition to the geometrical dimensions of the tip, the tip is further sharpened with Olympus exclusive sharpening process. Therefore, in viewing along the cantilever axis, the last 2 µm of the tip has a high aspect ratio typically 7:1 corresponding to a half tip angle of 6 degrees or less. The radius of the curvature of the Tetra tip is very small and the average is less than 15nm.
So this tip enables you to observe a narrower part of the sample with steep sidewalls. Of course, the Blade tetra tip is preferable for imaging grains of the thin films.

2) Easy to access where you want to see:
As a common feature of the OLYMPUS Silicon tetrahedral tip cantilevers, the tip is located on the very end of the cantilever. This allows you to set the tip over a point of interest on the sample easily, if you use an AFM combined with an optical microscope.

3) Good cost performance:
The Blade tetra tip is made by Olympus batch fabrication technique. So good cost / performance is achieved.

Cantilever Specifications
Spring k (N/m 2 (0.6 - 3.5)
Freq (kHz) 70 (50 - 90)
Length (µm) 240 (232 - 248)
Width (µm) 40 (39 - 41)
Thickness (µm) 2.4 (1.8 - 3.0)
Shape Tapered Rectangular
Material Silicon
Reflex Coating (nm) Cr/Au (5/45)

Tip Specifications
Tip radius (nm) 7
Tip height (µm) 15 +/- 5
Front angle (°) 0 +/- 1
Back angle (°) 35 +/- 1
Side angle (°) 5 +/- 1
Tip shape 3-sided
Tip material Silicon
Tip coating (nm) None

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Additional Information

Tip Radius 7
Tip Radius 5-10 nm
Spring Constant 2
Frequency 75
Compatibility blueDrive
Manufacturer Olympus

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